An excellent meal is only partially created by the food you eat. Even if the cook has made all the necessary effort, small details, like unclean cutlery or inattentive waiters, can ruin the overall experience.

Similarly public speaking is only partially created by what you say. Even if your data is checked and confirmed, and you trained with your slides, your performance (and every live presentation is nothing else but a performance) can be received negatively due to unnatural moves or breaking voice.

Do you remember Karate Kid? Daniel, young man wants to learn karate at all costs. But Mr Miygai, whom Daniel chose as his master, stubbornly refuses to give him lessons. Instead he tells him to clean his car, carry water, paint the house etc. Only at the end, to Daniel’s surprise, it appears that everything he did was learning karate. He discovers that the movements he made while waxing the car gave him strength and agility, that carrying water resulted in incredible sense of balance. Mr. Miyagi saw the road to mastery, where no one else would bother to look.

I will teach you how to make presentations with the Mr. Miyagi method. I will show you where to look for the inspiration and the path to mastery. Yoga exercises will help us in conversation about ideal posture. We will use resonators and voice emission from singing lessons and tango will show us how to move gracefully.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to practise yoga or take singing lessons to benefit from the advantages of this knowledge. I did it for you. Now I am coming with the new method which will make your next presentation a truly unforgettable experience.